Personalized Legal Advice for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners in London, Ontario

As an entrepreneur, you are simultaneously a marketer, designer, salesman, an expert in finances, management, and search engine optimization. Sounds about right?

Meet Anna Berger
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Small Business Lawyer

Anna is a business owner first, and she understands the demands that a new business puts on an entrepreneur’s time, money, and family. When working with the Berger Law Firm, you can confidently strike all your legal to-dos off your list.

Practice Areas
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Corporate Law

Master Business Licence
Annual Resolutions
Minute Book Review

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Shareholder Agreements
Partnership Agreements
Employment Agreements
Service Agreements
Licensing Agreements

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Estate Planning

Wills for Business Owners
Powers of Attorney, Trusts
Succession Planning

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Medicine Professional Corporations

Specialized in helping physicians run their medical practice smoothly and efficiently, including CPSO and privacy requirements.

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